About my sleeping bub

Newborn baby

If you are at this very minute desperate to help your baby make some progress in the sleep department and need to take action now, then  check out  ‘the top ten baby sleep tips, by clicking here’.  If your baby is over four months old you might like to read ‘it’s time to try the self settling method – so click here.


My sleeping bub was created for Mums (and Dads) out there desperate to help their babies sleep. It is a means in which I can relay all the sleep training information that I have used so effectively, and make a difference to other families trying to find their way.
In no way do I wish to convey that my methods are the only way to help your baby sleep. Ultimately you will do what you believe is best for your baby and for your family in order of achieving the right family balance. But my advice is one hundred percent genuine.

It was and is so often that I find myself in conversation with parents who cannot get their toddler or school age children to go to sleep at night. In fact just having their child stay in their own bedroom at night can be a challenge. For one reason or another little Miss finds excuse after excuse to hop out of bed and make her way to the lounge room where Mum and Dad are located, or is it where the television is located? Hmmm, I don’t know, but whatever the reason she just won’t stay in bed!  Sleep training at toddler age or older is very challenging and for Mums and Dads incredibly frustrating. It can however be done with a strong will on the parents part, in fact a strong will is needed in order of rivaling the childs own will.

No way I’m going to bed Mum!

Avoiding toddler sleeep training of course is the best solution and this means helping your baby to go to sleep on their own when they are the appropriate age to do so.

I have four beautiful children aging from fifteen months to eight years. They are all very different to one another in personality, although not at all dissimilar in looks. Despite them all being so different in personality, (two of them definitely more stubborn than the other two), they all sleep like angels! I dont mean to brag, but we literally have the perfect little sleepers! I can tell you that luck has played no role in our sleeping champions.  It is a direct result of the work I have put in to sleep training them.  All four of them were trained using the methods described in my posts.

You may be worried that your little bub is just a poor sleeper. Although this is possible, it is highly unlikely. If your baby is capable of falling asleep feeding, being held, rocked, traveling in the car or the pram, then he has no trouble sleeping. It is simply that he has made the wrong sleep associations and you now have the opportunity to correct this for him so that he can enjoy long lasting sleep!

I truly understand how hard it is to be on the rollercoaster ride of parenthood and sleep deprivation (if you ask me) is one of the greatest challenges you will face in the early days of parenting. However,  it doesn’t have to be. Your little Mr does not have to continue to run the show! There is hope that you will get some sort of routine back and begin to feel more like your old self again.

Continue to watch this space as I regularly update and answer your questions with tips that I have practiced for the past eight years. Sleep training advice that has worked so well for our family and hopefully yours too.